Caveau Domaine Genoux

Château de Mérande, chemin de mérande, 73800, Arbin


Vineyard situated on the old Gallo-Roman site at Arbin. with its cellars and wine stores housed in the former château of the Seigneurs de Mérande. You can discover the vineyard and its range of Savoie wines during a tour or a tasting experience.
Guided visit of: the vineyard, the different grape varieties, local products, wine making techniques. Visit of the wine warehouse, wine tasting. The area is noble and diversed: calcareous clay and stony scree situated at a perfect spot of exposure (south, south-east on the steep hillsides of the Bauges mountains massif).There, the variety of the vines is one of the kind: - L'Altesse: gives the label of Rousette de Savoie. A wine selection is kept in oak barrels. - Le Gamay:from the beaujolais, red and rosé wines, two excellent "thirst-quenching" wines for summer time. - La Roussanne : from Montmélian area, it creates the famous Bergeron wine. A great one: the MONDEUSE NOIRE :vine discovered at the wild stage in the Rhodanian woods and domesticated by the Allobrogues. This is a wine that you drink even when it is young but take a few years to have a stronger tast and even more, to be a vintage.