Historic centre of Chambéry

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The old own of Chambéry is characterised by a maze of streets and private mansions. The Piedmont-style architecture is often enhanced by decorative elements (trompe-l'oeil, ironwork, sculpture, etc.). Guided tours all the year round.
Near the castle, the historical center of Chambéry offers an urban configuration dense and original, strongly marked by the presence of water. This set is quite homogene and is protected by a saving area program. The rue de Boigne : This straight street, lined with torinese gantry, was created thank to the liberality of the general de Boigne. Real hole in the urban tissue inherited from the middle age, this is the artery that is linking the castle to the fountain of the elephants. The place Saint Léger : Primitive center of the town, this place has become an area of life thank to its development at the end of the 1970's. Behind its colored fronts, a whole maze of streets and court of hotel particulier, giving to Chambéry its particular appearance. The rue Basse du Château : This strret inherited from the middle age conserves one of the last aerial footbridge of the town. The rue Croix d'or : During centuries, travellers coming from Italy were entering the town by this street. Artisanal district and aristocratic until the XIXth century, numerous testimony are still visibles, for example : the metal gates of the Hôtel of Castagnéry (n°18) and the front of the hôtel des Marches et de Bellegarde (n°19).
Ville ancienne, 73000, Chambéry