Deux Bourneaux Fountain

Deux Bourneaux Fountain image1


An ancient fountain, dating from 1669.
A fountain existed in the faubourg Maché in the XIVth century. Declared public in 1493, it was called "Bourneau", word which designated the wooden pipe which was bringing the water from its source. It was ornamented of a woman bust who people called "La pucelle". Badly maintained, the bourneau was up to be dry in 1669, when the town give the works to François Cuenot. The fountain des deux bourneaux, is then placed at the beginning of the street of the Bernardines, representing a strong woman bust, supporting an eagle engraved today disappeared. It was moved at the end of the 1970's to its current location, higher, near to the Church of Maché.


Free of charge.
Faubourg Maché, 73000, Chambéry