Grand Carillon

Château des Ducs de Savoie, Sainte Chapelle, 73000, Chambéry
Concerts the first and third Saturday of the month at 17:30 of 20/09 to 11/07. Concerts every Saturday at 17:30 in July and august.


The Grand Carillon ("Great Bells") was built in 1993 and placed in the Yolande Tower that stands next to the chevet of the Holy Chapel of the Dukes of Savoy Castle. The bells were made by the Pacard Foundry. With 70 bells, this is the biggest set of bells in France and the 8th biggest in the world.
Its homogeneity of tone, due to its construction by one single manufacturer in a short period of time ((one year and a half) gives him a personality and a sound richness unique in the world. Work of the manufacturer Paccard, following a revolutionnary process, it was taken as an example in the whole world and has been admired by bell towers lovers. Guided tours only during the European Heritage days.