Maison Philippe GRISARD

33 Place du Maréchet, 73800, Cruet


Combining traditional know-how and innovative processes, the wines we produce come from our passion for the "terroirs" of Savoie. We work hard to preserve the authenticity of our unique Alpine grape varieties in order to offer exceptional wines for your enjoyment.
Situated in the Cruet village,the Maison Philippe Grisard cellar offers you a wide range of wine to please your mouth. Discover each of them, from the traditional wine variety named "Mondeuse" to the tipical one named "Altesse". Moreover, the land is situated at the Massif of Bauges Mountains and it lets us enjoy all the avantages of the territory. The soil is full of minerals that give to our wines a strong personality. The wine vintage made out of the Combe de Savoie territory vineyards are exquisite and they are making the pride and success of winemakers of the region.A warm and familiar welcome will be given to those who come to see the Maison Philippe Grisard cellar. groups visit can be organised.