Palais de Justice

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Place du palais de justice, 73000, Chambéry
Visits possible on the Journées du Patrimoine (third weekend in September).


This is the last Sardinian-style building in Chambéry, built between 1850-1860. Built originally for the Sénat de Savoie, it has been used for the Regional Court and Appeal Court since the Savoie region was annexed by France.
Designed by Pierre-Louis Besson and Pierre Spurgazzi, this is an excellent example of neo-Classical, Sardinian architecture and one of the last buildings in Chambéry with an Italian influence. The façade contains an avant-corps with 7 bays, with Ionic columns topped by a simple triangular pediment. The inner courtyard, bordered with porticos, was heavily influenced by the style of Antonio da Sangallo and Andrea Palladio.