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Alpine Guide invites you to discover the Massif des Bauges!
- Climbing (long routes, boulders, cliffs). - Via ferrata - Via corda - Canyoning - High mountain climbing - Back country skiing - Cross-country skiing - Ice climbing - Nordic skiing - Nordic hiking I have been climbing in Bauges for twenty years; come with me to share a moment of emotion on a vertical horizon. Climbing is an activity accessible to all who are present in the Bauges Massif Nature Reserve Park and is broken up into various forms: small learning sites, climbing school, cliffs for rock-climbing, routes of different lengths, adventure grounds and boulder fields. (Locations: Col des Prés, Semnoz, Jarsy, Col de la Doria, Tour St Jacques, Banges, Les Garins, Roc des Bœufs, Peney) Via ferrata/Via corda is a historic activity that combines climbing, adventure courses and hiking. Perfect for initial vertical thrills. (Locations: Aillons le Jeune, La Croix du Nivolet, Peney) Canyoning is the leading summer activity, with rappelling and jumping into mountain torrents, but also moments of contemplation of an environment that is somewhat secret. (Locations: Pont du Diable, Boyat, Leysse, Le reposoir, La mine, Gorge du Chéran) Alpinism is a different path for sports fans to reach the summits but also for beginners - wide open spaces are guaranteed. (Locations: Arcalod, Roc des Bœufs, Sambuy and the whole of the Alps) The ice climbing that you liked in the summer with canyoning - come and discover it in winter on the icy torrents in the opposite direction. (Locations: Trelod, Margeriaz, Farnet, St François) Ski touring/back country skiing - the pleasure of a different kind of XXL skiing. (Locations: Hautes Bauges, Aillons/Margeriaz) Nordic skiing, Scandinavian-style skiing on slopes in classic mode or skating and back country skiing to get off the beaten tracks. And also vintage Telemark skiing (Location: Nordic Plateau Savoie Grand Revard, Aillons / Margeriaz) Climbing and multi-activity routes (canyon, climbing, via ferrata) children/teenagers and adults Outings for individuals, groups and communities.
340 Montée de Lachat, Bourchigny, 73340, Arith
All year round.