Spéléorando (Caving) in the Porte Cochère-Tanne du Névé

Spéléorando (Caving) in the Porte Cochère-Tanne du Névé image1


Explore an underground world, in an secure environment at your own pace. Ladders, hand-holds and corridors provide access to a series of small caves and narrow, twisting passageways, creating a real feeling of exploration.
Previously more active and covered in a much thicker layer of limestone, the cave is one of the openings to a huge underground network supplying the Cascade du Pissieu, in Chatelard. Only a few hundred metres are suitable for families - the rest is for experts only. The cave can be accessed through the porte cochère, along a secure path with ladders and fixed metal handles. A full loop (45 mins) will take you along the bottom of the well of Tanne du Névé. Information panels are dotted along the walk, providing more information on the different karst formations you will see. Access via the Route d'Accès at the Margeriaz resort, with parking at one of the final bends. Next, follow the forest track for a few hundred metres, until you reach the 'Place à Baban'. An information panel will tell you which route to follow, from which it is only a 15-20 minute ascent to the start of the Spéléorando.


Free access.


Place à Baban, 73340, Aillon-le-Jeune
All year round. Open throughout the year if you are accompanied by a guide.