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La Sasson, carved by Alexandre Falguière in 1892.
La Sasson - 'large woman' in the Savoyard dialect - is a bronze statue carved by the famous sculptor, Alexandre Falguière, to commemorate the centenary of the union of the Savoie to France in 1792. When the statue was inaugurated on the 4th September 1892 in the presence of Sadi Carnot, the President of the Republic, the mayor, Antoine Perrier, declared: 'this statue represents the robust elegance of the Savoie. She presses the timeless French flag to her breast, this symbol of the motherland that has brought ideas of emancipation, independence and social equality to people around the world'. The residents of Chambéry have disparaged this work, condemning its clumsiness. However, it can be argued that the statue's outline and heavier form foreshadows the work of Maillol.


Boulevard du Musée, 73000, Chambéry
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