The Val d'Aillon cheese dairy exhibition

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Visit the Val d'Aillon cheese dairy exhibition, "Secrets de Fruitière" (Secrets of cheese-making) and learn all about the history of the different cheeses and the lives of the farmers and cheese-makers.
The exhibition"from grass to cheese" boasts a number of exciting and interactive displays. An amusing way to find out all about the fascinating secrets and variety of the Val d'Aillon cheeses... Experience the special atmosphere in the stable at milking time in winter. Find out the secrets of turning milk into tasty cheeses. Increase your knowledge of cheeses with the ‘question and answer game’, you’ll end up by enjoying our mountain cheeses even more. Seeing the Tome cheese and butter being made is a fascinating hands-on experience for all ages. The discovery section of the Val d'Aillon Cheese Dairy has won the "Marque Parc" award. At the cheese dairy, we produce not only Tome des Bauges cheese, but also Valbleu, Mont Pelat and Les Bauges Gruyère.


One price: 10 €.


124 route des Aillons, 73340, Aillon-le-Jeune
From 16/07 to 20/08/2024, every Tuesday at 5 pm.