Secrets d'Aloyse

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Secrets of Aloyse is a range of cosmetics 100% natural and certified organic. The ingredients used in the manufacture of the products are carefully selected and come from organic agriculture or fair trade.
All the products are manufactured in our workshop, visits are possible by appointment. The products are without palm oil and derivatives, without chemical preservatives, without perfume or fragrance. Our products are perfumed with essential oils or simply by natural ingredients not deodorized. The formulation is very simple, composed of 100% active ingredients as a home-made product. Secrets d'Aloyse has the Slow Cosmetics since August 2018.


Free access.


72 Rue Vieille Monnaie, 73000, Chambéry
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.