Spiruline des Bauges

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Route des Lansard, Hameau les Frasses, 74540, Chainaz-les-Frasses
From 06/05 to 30/12 On Monday and Saturday between 4 pm and 7 pm.


More than ever, fill up on energy with an exceptional food: Spirulina! 100% local & French, naturally rich in iron, proteins and vitamins: spirulina is a precious ally for our health! Possibility of shipping on request.
We invite you to come and discover what the UN considers to be the Food of the 3rd Millennium: Spirulina! A microalgae with exceptional nutritional properties, which make it a precious ally for our health! Did you know that 1 Kilo of Spirulina contains as much antioxidants as 1 Ton of Fruit? Coupled with fatty fish, Spirulina is the most complete food on our planet after breast milk! This unequalled concentrate of Proteins, Vitamins and Iron, nourishes, detoxifies and stimulates our immune system, while rebalancing our body. In cure as in everyday life, Spirulina is a "Super Food" for the whole Family, a Food of Health and Prevention which contributes every day to our wellbeing! At the gates of the Massif des Bauges Regional Nature Park, we offer you a French Spirulina produced and packaged on the farm: a natural, farm-based Spirulina! An artisanal production, from original strain of NON GMO Spirulina! A culture without any pesticide, in the respect of the environment, with a drying at low temperature to guarantee you a Spirulina with a very high nutritional value! Productions of the farm: 100% Spirulina Country & French: Conditioning in Sticks & Tablets.


Free visit & tasting.