Le Trélod

Round trip
Parking des Cornes, 73630, Doucy-en-Bauges


A superb summit with an exceptional flora and fauna. A great classic you simply have to do!
From the car park, go up directly into the meadows; at the exit of the forest you join, below the "Dent des Portes" the other access that you take on the way down (signpost). Continue on below the "Dent", cross the large meadows then, on the ridge, start a short descent. Climb up the final slopes to reach the summit by the left. Descend by the same way until you are below the "Dent des Portes". Then turn left to reach the "Chalets du Golet"; at the pass, take a wide track to the left for the way back. It will take about a 5 hours' walk for a return trip.

Route GPX track