Les chalets de la Fullie

Round trip
Parking de Praz Gelaz, 73340, Aillon-le-Jeune
From 01/05 to 31/10.


An easy walk for the whole family, apart from a slightly steeper section at the start, but the sight when you arrive makes it all worth it - a spectacular panoramic view of the Massif des Bauges Mountains!
From the car park, take the stone path up to the sign indicating "Praz Gelaz 1208 m", then go through onto the alpine pasture, making sure you close the gate behind you. Follow the grassy path that rises towards the forest. Go through another gate and, after approximately 50m, go up the track to the right (waymarked by yellow arrows) that leads you to a series of wooden steps (a slightly damp and somewhat slippery section after periods of rain). Carry on, past the Col de la Fullie at 1,338 m (signposted) and come out at the alpine pasture, from where you will be able to make out the chalets. Follow the path through the grass on the left-hand side of the field for a few minutes until you get to the "Chalets de la Fullie". Come back using the same route.



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