Snowshoeing treks 'La Chartreuse - Lourdens'

Round trip
Parking Chapelle de la Correrie, 73340, Aillon-le-Jeune
From 19/12 to 30/04.


The starting point is from above the resort, after the Correrie farm. It is a loop circuit where most of the slope follows the summer route The North-East/South-West orientation allows you to enjoy plenty of sunshine all along the trail.
Parking near the Chapelle de la Correrie. The start takes place in the bend at a place called La Correrie (after the sawmill) at the level of the descriptive panel of the route, altitude 975 m. Cross the field straight ahead. Cross the bridge below the Chartreuse d'Aillon (visit possible from May to September). Turn right. Go up in the meadows and join the road. Then the journey takes place along the road that leads to Praz Gelaz (frozen meadow in Savoyard patois). On the route you will pass in front of a landscaped area, where it is possible to stop (picnic tables, forest cabin). Continue the road to the chalets of Praz Gelaz. On the way back, take the road again to an intersection. Turn right towards "Lourdens" and continue to the Muret car park. At the level of the sign "Lourdens 40'" descend into the undergrowth and after a few tens of meters you arrive at the edge of the meadow. The descent takes place in the middle of a meadow. Gradually join the road. The return is in the opposite direction to the start. Possibility also to go up to the Col de la Fullie: 1 hour round trip, 200 m of elevation gain.



Route GPX track