Snowshoeing treks : La combe d'Arclusaz

Snowshoeing treks : La combe d'Arclusaz image1
Round trip


A long, lovely trek through one of the most beautiful mountain pastures of the Massif des Bauges. Your arrival at the pass will be rewarded by a breathtaking panoramic view of the Northern Alps and Combe de Savoie.
From the village of Ecole, head towards Jarsy and then, on leaving the village, take the small road on the right (before the bridge) that leads to Les Jarsins (wood sign) and then the pastoral track (on the left at the junction with Les Jarsins) that leads to the alpine chalets in the Vallon d'Arclusaz. Park in the Les Arolles car park (915m), as the track is closed to traffic beyond this point (sign). From the Les Arolles car park (915m), take the forest track that winds up towards the Chalet du Praz. This long, winding track passes through part of the Bauges National Game and Wildlife Reserve. From here, you can admire the surrounding peaks: Trelod, d'Arcalozd and Pécloz. After crossing the Bois des Jarses, you reach Les Granges at 1153 metres. As you emerge into the combe, follow the mountain pasture path to the Chalet du Praz and then the Chalet des Arbets. At the end of the route you come to the Col d'Arclusaz below the Dent d'Arclusaz (cross). The 360° view from the pass over the Bauges and the Isère valley is well worth the final effort of the climb.



Route GPX track

Parking des Arolles, 73630, École
From 01/12 to 15/04.