The pre-Alps (Préalpes)

73000, Chambéry
From 15/04 to 01/12.


408 km - 7400 m of height gain - 24 cols - 7 days This moderate-altitude circuit through the beautiful pastoral scenery of the pre-Alps starts and finishes in Chambéry and includes two of Savoie Mont Blanc’s most beautiful lakes.
After traversing the mountains of the Chartreuse Regional Park, the route heads past Lake Aiguebelette to follow the banks of the Rhône to Lake Bourget and a superb finale through the Bauges Regional Park. Day 1 -Chambéry/Chambéry - Height gain: 1270 m - Distance: 54 km The climb to the Col du Granier provides a bird’s-eye view of Chambéry and Lake Bourget. After Entremont, the road climbs back up to the Col de la Cluse and Col des Egaux, from where it is downhill all the way between the Chartreuse and Epine Mountains back to Chambéry. Day 2 -Chambéry/Aiguebelette - Height gain: 830 m - Distance: 46 km From Chambéry, the ascent of the Col de l’Epine is followed by a lovely and very panoramic descent to Lake Aiguebelette. Day 3 -Aiguebelette/Yenne - Height gain: 830 m - Distance: 46 km This stage includes three climbs in quick succession: Col du Blanchet, Col de la Crusille and Mont Tournier. The descent to Yenne follows the River Flon, which scoured out its course after the retreat of the glaciers (-10,000 years). Day 4 -Yenne/Rumilly - Height gain: 1290 m - Distance: 92 km Follow the banks of the Rhone from Yenne to Chanaz and the Savières canal. Once past the picturesque village of Chanaz, the circuit continues through the vineyards of Jongieux and Billième, and then climbs to the Col du Chat. Just after the Col, the route traverses above Lake Bourget, past the wonderful viewpoint overlooking Hautecombe Abbey. The descent back to Chanaz is followed by flat cycling through the vineyards and poplar forests to the north of the lake, a steep climb over the Col du Mont Clergeon and a final descent to Rumilly. Day 5 -Rumilly/Aix-les-Bains - Height gain: 1290 m - Distance: 92 km The climb to the Col du Sapenay is quite gentle, but the Col Chautagne is much steeper, as is the climb to the Col de la Chambotte. A pleasant descent and final short climb over the Col du Goléron lead to Aix-les-Bains. Day 6 -Aix-les-Bains/Lescheraines Bauges Regional Park - Height gain: 1300 m - Distance: 43 km Mont Revard looks down imperiously on Lake Bourget and provides superb views of Mont Blanc. From Mont Revard, the route goes over the Col de Plainpalais and down to Lescheraines. Day 7 -Lescheraines/Chambéry - Height gain: 590 m - Distance: 43 km A long climb between the Colombier d'Aillon and Mont Margériaz to the Col des Prés. Descent to Chambéry.