Savoyard Alpine Gliding Centre

Aérodrome, 35 avenue de Chambéry, 73190, Challes-les-Eaux
From 02/01 to 21/12/2023, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


The objective of the CSVVA (Savoyard Gliding Centre) is to promote this aerial sport to anyone who wishes to experience the pleasure of flying without a motor. It offers different formulas to discover, learn and become a glider pilot.
The Centre Savoyard de Vol à Voile Alpin was created in 1972 from the merger of the Gliding Section of the Aéroclub de Savoie (still active at the Chambéry-Aix Les Bains airfield) and the CVVA which was based in Annecy. Gliding is characterised by the use of a 'rigid' aircraft which is similar to an aeroplane and therefore can have very good aerodynamic qualities due to the technology used in the construction of these aircraft. Some of the gliders used by the CSVVA can glide a distance equal to 50 times the altitude at which they are flying (this characteristic is called glide). The CSVVA offers introductory & discovery flights (30mn, 1h and "voltige"), more in-depth discovery courses with initiation to piloting (6 day discovery pack or 2 week course) and finally a piloting school to launch you into the clouds in autonomy (packs "Laché"). Translated with (free version)